Are you in need of Equipment Cleaning? As long as your purchase was made at our store, your experience at our Repair Shop should be easy and hassle-free. Some of the products we carry at iTradeGolf have a lifetime warranty, so if that’s the case for you, please bring yours in today and we’ll be happy to service or replace it.


At iTradeGolf, we provide free Equipment Maintenance for anything that is still under warranty and was purchased at iTradeGolf. If you have a product that is no longer under warranty, or if it is still covered but was not purchased here, get in touch to learn about the other options we offer. When possible, please bring all original receipts.


We offer Replacement Services as long as the item or items were purchased in our store and are still under warranty. If your product no longer works, we’ll gladly replace it with a new one. If you have something that needs repairing that you didn’t purchase at our store, get in touch to speak with a service rep.