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Lynx Natural MM putter

Lynx Natural MM putter

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34 inch length

Center shafted

Milled Face

Karma pistol grip

7/10 good condition

ONLINE ONLY - Not available in-store


The Lynx Natural Max Moment putter features (translated from Japanese):

Designed to easily realize hand first.

The central part of the head and putter, and the grip move at about the same speed, which is a hand first impact and an important factor for producing a good stroke. 

Due to the long grip, it can be held short according to the putting distance.
By enlarging the head, the moment of inertia also increased, making it even more resistant to miss hits.

Two sight lines are placed on the top of the head to make it easier to pull straight.

Further deepened the face milling mark.

Milling is a process for smoothing the face surface, but the scraped marks remain when the process is performed.

The deeper this mark is, the softer the feel of the ball.

The softer the feel of the ball, the harder it is to loosen due to the impact, which leads to the desire to hit hand first.


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