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Project X

Project X 6.0 HL iron shafts set

Project X 6.0 HL iron shafts set

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Project X's High Launch model

8 Shafts

37.25″-40.25″ length

Stiff flex

.370 parallel tips

9/10 Excellent Condition (Shop soiled)

ONLINE ONLY - Not available in-store


About the Project X 6.0 HL shafts:

"Because of its penetrating trajectory, the Rifle Project X shaft is not perfectly suited for every golfer. In fact, some the characteristics that creates its outstanding performance on the PGA Tour are the same characteristics that make it a difficult shaft for mid- and high-handicap golfers to play," says Tom Blough, vice president of engineering for Royal Precision. "So for 2006, we’re proud to introduce the all-new Rifle Project X High Launch iron shafts, the next generation in Rifle engineering that keeps the attributes that make Project X unique from other steel shafts, yet now provides a higher launch."

Blough explains that the real challenge in creating the Project X High Launch was maintaining the unique characteristics while simultaneously increasing the playability for mid- and high-handicap golfers. The same attributes in the Project X shaft which are preferred by better golfers can also hamper golfers who need higher launch angles. When using the Project X, mid- and high-handicap golfers can also experience a reduction in their overall distance because they cannot generate the clubhead speed required with a short parallel tip section. Plus, each complex Rifle Project X and Project X High Launch shaft in a set features a different per-inch constant taper that provides greater energy transfer to the ball at impact.


Stiff Flex


Right Handed

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